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The Innovators’ Pitch is the path-breaking competition for early-stage startups in Europe. Bright entrepreneurs get the chance to present their innovative products and prototypes to a high-level jury and an expert audience. Joining forces with major partners, Bitkom presented the Innovators‘ Pitch as part of the business festival on the 22nd of June 2022 at Funkhaus Berlin.


This year’s Innovators’ Pitch was centered around the two topics Cybersecurity and Enterprise Analytics. How can new technologies help us address today’s IT security challenges, and how can IT systems and our data be protected from criminal hackers and cyberattacks? How can we responsibly use the vast amounts of data in companies to optimize processes with the aid of machine learning and artificial intelligence?


Six exciting startups presented their innovative ideas in Cybersecurity, and Enterprise Analytics to a top-notch jury and a broad audience of international pioneers, global players, startups, and hidden champions of the digital industry.

Save the date: Innovators‘ Pitch will be back on June 28, 2023



Due to increasing digitization, data is becoming a central part of the value chain. Without a modern technical infrastructure to process and secure this data, this progress creates significant risks for companies. To protect both existing infrastructure and emerging technologies from cyberattacks, security requirements will continue to grow in the future. This makes cybersecurity a central aspect of the digital transformation. Startups are particularly close to the technical spirit of the times with their solutions. They offer valuable support so that organizations can meet today’s challenges on an equal level and stay at least one step ahead of future risks.

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Prediction, visualization, intelligent business planning – it’s all about data! Innovative startups pave the way to the intelligent enterprise. Their B2B solutions help connect people, information, and ideas to enable fast and confident decision-making in areas such as HR, supply chain, and sustainability. With machine learning technology and embedded artificial intelligence, tech startups support businesses to unlock their potential by discovering deep insights, simplifying access to critical information, visualizing data and coherencies, or creating a predictive model for forecasting future events.


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Psoido protects sensitive data and company know-how with unique anonymization and encryption. Their automated methods allow iterative anonymization of data sets, differentiated analysis of non-traceable virtual IDs, and easy-to-use encryption via „distributed security“. Psoido creates trust when exchanging sensitive data for new data-driven business models.

Stargazr is a no-code simulation software, specifically designed and built for finance teams of manufacturing companies. The software uses a recommendation engine based on prescriptive analytics to send AI-based recommendations to CFOs about how to improve their financial profitability.

Stefan Henke
Head of DACH at Cloudflare

Cybersecurity jury head

LinkedIn profile
Susanne Dehmel
Member of the Executive Board at Bitkom e.V.

Cybersecurity jury member

LinkedIn profile
Katharina Frie
Senior Investment Manager at eCAPITAL

Cybersecurity jury member

LinkedIn profile
Dr. Simon Vogt
Vice President of Agentur für Innovation in der Cybersicherheit GmbH

Cybersecurity jury member

LinkedIn profile
Dr. Azadeh Ghahghaie
Director of SAP.iO Foundry Berlin

Enterprise Analytics jury head

LinkedIn profile
Dr. Tanja Emmerling
Partner at High-Tech Gründerfonds

Enterprise Analytics jury member

LinkedIn profile
Holger Schellkopf
Editor in Chief of t3n

Enterprise Analytics jury member

LinkedIn profileTwitter profile
Moritz Zimmermann
General Partner at 42CAP

Enterprise Analytics jury member

LinkedIn profileTwitter profile
See FAQs
  1. Who can apply? 

All startup companies that were founded no more than 5 years ago (as per 22nd of June 2022), that do not have more than 50 permanent employees, that are organized under private-law and that are not partly owned by the state or are a subdivision of it are eligible to take part.Please check the Conditions of Participation for more details.


  1. What should your pitchdeck look like?

The pitchdeck that you upload for your application, should include all information you want to share with the jury to convince them that you should be selected as one of the finalists. If you are selected as one of the finalists, you can of course use a different pitchdeck for your live pitch on stage.


  1. Can I apply for more than one category?

You are welcome to apply for more than one category. However, we will choose six finalists. This means you can only pitch for one category.


  1. Does the application or participation cost something? 

The application and participation for Innovators’ Pitch competition is completely free.


  1. How does the selection of the finalists and the winner work?

Each category will have an expert jury that will select the winners at the Innovators’ Pitch on June 22nd. The jury will also choose the finalists, who will be invited to pitch. For that reason, we will share your information and your pitchdeck with the members of the jury – but of course, the jury and we will keep your application confidential. Here you can find our privacy statement.


  1. What can you win?

The winners of the Innovators’ Pitch get 5,000 euros per category as prize money, as well as a free one-year Get Started membership of Bitkom for companies fulfilling the requirements for a Bitkom Get Started membership (see our conditions). Finalists from previous years were furthermore not only pleased with the media attention after the pitch, but they also succeeded in obtaining concrete financing.